16 thoughts on “Fashion Subscription Box Review For Women

  1. If you plan on doing another video check out this awesome subscription box! i just found them and it's AMAZING. So cheap with no styling fees. I honestly get a lot of them but i cancelled all other for this box. It's honestly all you need. Plus the girl who runs it always throws cool stuff in the boxes like nail polish and i heard she's getting pop sockets. LOL kinda cool. http://www.mellowfrenzy.com/

  2. Lauren, I definitely have a question for you. I cannot wear high heels. I can only wear heels that are lower than an inch and a 1/2 because I have a hip condition. I try to be a very stylish person, but because of this, I am having trouble. Can you show me some outfits that I could wear with flats or with very low heels and still be stylish? Thanks so much for your help! Brenda

  3. Thanks for this video, Lauren! Very helpful and you are so right about the individual pieces– the subscription does not educate you on how to pair it in multiple ways, so you are not maximizing the opportunity to develop/refine your style. I also agree that some days you may be into a preppy look, other days sporty and yet other days boho, so the quizzes are almost always too simple to detect that and do try to just bucket you into one style, whereas you may actually use/appreciate many styles. I actually tried Trunk Club once, which connects you to an individual stylist. Even though I provided tons of detail to the stylist regarding my preferences as well as indicated specific items I was looking to add to my wardrobe, I didn't like anything in the trunk. Luckily, you view the items online first and select only the ones you want to have sent to you. I even provided feedback on why I didn't like items on the trunk, but still no luck.

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I tried stitch Fix twice and wantable once, and I couldn't agree with you more. I was so disappointed with both. Luckily I found your channel and am starting to get more confident styling myself, thanks to you😘

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