PS5: The Future of Gaming – Easy Allies Reactions


Sony finally shows the PlayStation 5 in action with over two dozen games and a glimpse at the final hardware. (Streamed Jun 11, 2020)

0:00 – Pre-Show
29:42 – Show Starts
31:55 – Grand Theft Auto V
35:30 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales
36:43 – Gran Turismo 7
39:50 – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
45:27 – Project Athia
46:42 – Stray
48:35 – PS5 Features
50:27 – Returnal
52:44 – Sackboy A Big Adventure
54:57 – Destruction All Stars
56:55 – Kena: Bridge of Spirits
59:34 – Goodbye Volcano High
1:01:10 – Oddworld: Soulstorm
1:03:14 – Ghostwire: Tokyo
1:05:42 – Jett: The Far Shore
1:08:06 – Godfall
1:09:38 – Solar Ash
1:11:18 – Hitman 3
1:13:56 – PS5 Menu Startup
1:14:11 – Astro’s Playroom
1:15:05 – Little Devil Inside
1:17:18 – NBA 2K21
1:18:44 – Bugsnax
1:21:27 – Demon’s Souls
1:23:28 – Deathloop
1:27:33 – Resident Evil Village
1:30:40 – Pragmata
1:33:14 – Horizon Forbidden West
1:37:02 – Developer Messages
1:37:55 – PlayStation 5 Hardware Reveal
1:41:03 – Wrap Up Message
1:44:00 – Post Show

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39 thoughts on “PS5: The Future of Gaming – Easy Allies Reactions

  1. Horizon SPOILER warning.The (human) enemies taking over the machines in the Horizon showing looked pretty big to me. That will even the odds in fights quite a bit. Unless Aloy gets a new edge… Also, those plants, looks like a whole different kind of corruption, if that's even what it is.
    I don't think any of the guys remembered the story, (whiping tear away) oh well…

  2. ‘Console exclusive for a limited time’
    ( ) = also available on, at launch of game.
    Bugsnax (also PS4 & EGS)
    Deathloop (also PC)
    Ghostwire Tokyo (also PC)
    Godfall (also EGS)
    Goodbye Volcano High (also PS4 & PC)
    Jett The Far Shore (also PS4 & PC)
    Kena Bridge Of Spirits (also PS4 & EGS)
    Little Devil Inside (also PS4 & PC)
    Oddworld Soulstorm (also PS4 & EGS)
    Project Athia (also PC)
    Stray (also Steam)
    Solar Ash (also PS4 & Steam)

    Astro’s Playroom (pre-loaded on PS5)
    Demon’s Souls remake
    Destructio Allstars
    Gran Turismo 7
    Horizon Forbidden West
    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    Sackboy A Big Adventure
    Spider-Man Miles Morales

    GTAV (PS5,XSX)
    Hitman III (PC,PS4,PS5,X1,XSX)
    NBA 2K21 (PS5 & XSX)
    Pragmata (PS5,Steam,XSX)
    Resident Evil Village (PS5,Steam,XSX)

  3. Just wanna say that the Ember Lab that’s making Kena is the same Ember Lab that made that “Terrible Fate” Zelda animation, kudos to them for incredible sound design

  4. Holy hell, missed the beginning of this when I logged on stream, but The new Spider-Man!!!!!!! The graphics! Miles is hot! The music!!! Keeping my eye on that one definitely

  5. That Godfall trailer was so weird to me. From the gameplay bits it actually looks like the combat is a bit more on the slower paced side. Kind of a dark souls type of idea where attacks are more deliberate. But then the music and tone of the trailer feels more like a fast paced spectacle action type game. It just doesn't feel like it fits at all.

  6. Dont think that it's that insane about gta 5 being there, the install base for that game is insane and if the people who play it still see that there gonna be free upgrades and new stuff for it on ps5 they're gonna be exited by it

  7. If it's van Helsing – it look like this womans is Drakulas wifes, so you can suggest that in Re8 there is some where exists Dracula.
    Maybe in this picture, which they don't wanted to share, it's dead fetus, because drakula try to born new children and it's always born dead, because dracula is dead basically.
    So maybe 4 wings = 4 brides + marriage ring inside + "nest" with sticks, wich can be related to nesting (new childrens).

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